R1: IDEA Guide

IDEA Guide will be a practical resource for Adult Educators and Adult Education Institutions regarding tools and methodologies to foster Circular Economy and Sustainability within their organisations and in their work with the target group and beyond. The guide will contain a selection of good practices at the national and European levels that encourage the Circular Economy through arts, crafts and tinkering and other NFE methodologies, as well as a detailed explanation of the identified methodologies and their replicability in activities involving the target group.

Partners have already identified the following educational modules to be included:

Ice Breaking and Team Building.

Theoretical session regarding Circular Economy.

Simulation exercise of a Circular Economical Business.

Good practices of CE Businesses.

Theoretical session regarding Plastic Craftwork.

Focus Session: How to manage Plastic Craftwork in practice

Tinkering session of Plastic Craftwork

Theoretical and practical session on co-design

R2: IDEA Interactive Toolkit

IDEA Interactive Toolkit will be developed through a co-design process between the Adult Educators involved in the international piloting of the Training Format included in R1 and partner organisations. The dimension of usability of the Toolkit will be enhanced by providing the audience of stakeholder operators and organisations with a reference of methodologies and guidelines tested in different countries, customised following the needs and challenges of another band of the population. In addition, the Toolkit will integrate substantial transferability features brought about by its multilingual character and its applicability in different countries and sectors.

The structure of the Toolkit will be based on the following main sub-divisions:

Introduction to the general frame of the project and the European priorities in the field of employment improvement and sustainability.

The theoretical frame of Circular Economy Education, Plastic Craftwork and Tinkering.

Existent good practice instruments.

The theoretical frame of the co-design process.

Educational activity/actions produced in the Co-design Sessions.

Video tutorials of the workshops implemented during the Local Activities

R3: IDEA Practitioners Network

IDEA Practitioners Network will be developed around a web platform, conceived as a comprehensive tool to foster Plastic Circular Economy through Recycled art/Craftwork. The innovative character of the network is grounded on the combination of digital tools and a peer-to-peer approach to education to stimulate the Plastic Circular Economy through Recycled art/Craftwork among the target group of unemployed adults, thus improving not only their levels of inclusion but also their employability. At the same time, the platform will also be available for individual use and/or entertainment purposes.

The web platform will be organised into two main sections:

A resources section for users approaching the Circular Economy and recycled art/craftworks field, with theoretical information and an initial set of video tutorials on Recycled Craftworks, cocreated by participants to the local phase and Partner organisations, with different levels of difficulty and recycling.

A forum section where users/practitioners can exchange tutorials for Plastic Craftwork, including information on the amount of waste avoided, as well as exchange plastic materials to complete their Craftworks to reach a higher rate of avoided waste.