Transnational Project Meetings:

Kick-off Meeting

Hosting organization: Fundacja CiM. 

Month: 1. 

Modality: Online

Mid-term Meeting

Hosting organisation: Mine Vaganti NGO. 

Month: 11. 

Modality: Online

Final Evaluation Meeting

Hosting organisation: ECO-LOGIC. 

Month: 23. 

Modality: Online

Joint Staff Training Event:

The event was led in Poland by Fundacja CIM with a total of 20 participants who were interested in developing knowledge, skills and attitudes related to Circular Economy, Plastic Craftwork, Tinkering and Co-creation. To raise awareness on these issues, the participants worked on theoretical sessions and workshops. JSTE aimed at providing comprehensive joint learning and exchange between the participants who were at risk of exclusion on tools and methodologies to foster Circular Economy and sustainability through art, craft and NFE methodologies by testing the Training Format. During the local workshops, it was also aimed to lay the foundation for the co-creation of the R2 activities.

Multiplier Event:

N° of participants: 60 individuals

Profile: The external audience involved will comprise the general public, elderly adults, policymakers at the local and regional level and stakeholders in the field of Adult education and Circular Economical businesses.

The stakeholder audience will include representatives from:

– Adult education institutions.

– NGOs and associations.

– Circular Economical businesses.

– Organisations/public agencies providing services for elderly people.